Smart Pet Grooming


SmartGrooming is a technique using two Pinchbrushes, one in each hand, and using both hands together in tandem.

Nature usually provides insight in how to best interact with our pets. Mimicking nature is at the heart of the principles of Smart Grooming.

The SmartGrooming method employs the two Pinchbrushes working together to direct the forces applied to the fur against each other in a traction and counter traction fashion (the King and Queen of surgical technique) as opposed to simply pulling on the fur as in ordinary brushing methods.

Modeled after years of animal observations, this technique is preferred by every pet tested. It is sought after when compared to ordinary brushing methods. And is the only grooming technique that most cats will tolerate. The two handed technique allows the fur to be held in one hand, and the working forces applied with the second Pinchbrush directly to the problem in hand. In this manner matts, tangles, burrs, twigs, sticks, food particles, schmoo, goo, and poo can be easily removed with less trauma to the pet, and minimal fur loss. This method also allows the user to avoid touching less desirable material in the fur.

By following these pricinples you and your pet will have a much more enjoyable grooming experience.